The Blue Dress

We all have that one dress. You know it when you put it on, you know it when you step out the door, everyone knows it when you enter the room. It’s  the dress that clings to every curve, the one that accentuates all your favourite aspects, the one you turn to when you want to feel good, the one that let’s you know you are in for a night. For me the blue dress was THAT dress!!

For those of you who know who I am, you know that I have an ass (it seems to get talked about a lot, and frequently asked for photos haha), this dress seemed to make everyone know that I had an ass. We would often go out with new groups of people and my close friends would some how let me walk in front and say ‘watch this, it’s the blue dress’. It was like there was a magnet in that thing, it drew everyone to me. It was almost like if I turned up in that dress you knew we were in for a good night.

Needless to say this dress has seen its fair share of males bedroom floors. I was very sad to see it go….


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