The Guy No Girl Wants to Play With

The single girls game became even easier when tinder appeared on the map. Long gone are the days where it’s just horny males chasing casual sex. Let’s admit we all get those nights where we want someone to hold us, spoon us, and let us fall asleep in their arms, but we also get those nights where we just want someone to give you mind blowing sex….I am not embarrassed to say that for me the second option appears in my mind more regularly at the moment.

Just like the horny males I have turned to tinder to get my fix, and it has provided on occasions, however there has also been a time where I am just like what the fuck was I thinking.

I had recently  come out of a relationship and was basically having rebound sex when this dud of a night occurred. I should have known from the moment I gave my number away as to how this was going to end up. Every couple of seconds it was question after question until I finally decided screw it, just come over. I was hoping he was the kind of guy who was going to open the door, pin me to the wall and get started straight away but instead it went a little something like this…..

It started with some cuddling while watching a movie (funny how it always starts with watching a movie, not much has changed since I was a teenager). I think I started falling asleep when I finally felt a hand on my boob…this was taking too long, so I turned over and started kissing him – only to have him stop and say to me ‘I’m not a very good kisser’ WOW WTF!! Honestly even if you were a good kisser that comment just turned me way off, confidence is key whether your a male or female….never doubt yourself in anything. In my mind I was thinking should I just stop it now? But instead I said fuck it he’s here might as well have some fun. Erase that last word because it didn’t happen. Instead what happened was my clothes came off pretty quick and then it skipped straight to let me put my dick inside you. There was no foreplay, no let me rub your clit, explore you with my fingers and/or tongue first, or even give me a blow job. It was just straight let me put my dick inside you.

Now if that wasn’t bad enough, he then stops looks at me and says ‘sorry I’ve never done this before’. My mind goes freaking nuts WTF is wrong with this guy, does he mean to tell me he’s a virgin, or is he telling me he’s only done this in relationships??? Now usually if things weren’t going my way I would have taken control by now but honestly it wasn’t even worth it, I had to put my bitch shoes on (which are very nice by the way) and kick his ass out the door. Done and dusted…only to find he left his jumper there. FUCK


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